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Product Name:Zinc borate
Product Detailed:
It can be used as a multifunctional additive of antimony oxide or other halogen flame retardant, which can effectively improve the flame retardant performance, reduce smoke generation during combustion, and adjust the chemical, mechanical and electrical properties of rubber and plastics products.
As a partial or completely environmentally friendly substitute of halogen and other flame retardants, it is widely used in the processing of plastics and rubber, such as PVC, PE, PP, reinforced polyamide, polychloroprene, polystyrene, epoxy resin, polystyrene and natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, chloroprene and so on. It can be used in the production of paper, fiber fabric, decorative board, floor leather, wallpaper, carpet, ceramic glaze, fungicide and coating to improve the flame retardant performance. It can also be used in the fields of antisepsis, far infrared absorption and wood pest and bacteria prevention
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